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Understanding Modular Construction

by Sanket Bhosale | Modular Pre-fabricated Homes, Wooden Homes | 03 February, 2024

Modular construction is the process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities – but in about half the time. The process consists of buildings produced in modules to be later put together on site.

Simplest way to explain modular constructions is to think of different modules/parts which are pre-made in a factory to be later transported and assembled at the site.


These structures consist of steel framing and ready-made walls which are easy to assemble and less time consuming, most of the products used are almost finished product which helps saving lot of time.


Over the years, the popularity of modular buildings has grown tremendously. While this unique building and construction method may seem to be new, the truth is it has been around for nearly two centuries. The first documented modular or prefabricated home was created by a London-based architect named John Manning in 1837.


In India, the concept of modular construction arrived much later than Europe and America. In fact, modular buildings have recently gained popularity. With the Government of India encouraging modular construction as a feasible solution to meet the massive gap between the demand and supply of homes, many new residential modular and commercial modular buildings have been constructed all over the country.

Although there are many modular construction services in India, Vrisa Innovation is one of the leading and oldest company in the industry, offering a wide range of luxurious customized design and innovative modular construction solutions.

Vrisa Innovation is a steel based solution that can be used for building both commercial and residential spaces considering the Indian mentality for strong and sturdy homes. Today, many aspiring homeowners in India prefer modular construction solutions over building a traditional brick-and-mortar home because of its various benefits.

 It can be constructed two times faster than the traditional

 The steel used for construction is 100%

 Construction of modular houses requires 50% lesser material resources that conventional

 The greenhouse gas-related impact of modular construction is 53% less, making it an environment-friendly construction

Modular construction in India is gaining momentum, as it proves to be a great solution for companies in terms of cost and time. It eliminates the need for prolonged onsite activities and enables users to customize their space according to their needs with minimal disruption to daily operations.

This construction technique also helps save time, as it helps reduce the amount of time required for construction. Modular construction can be used for a wide range of projects, from small residential projects to large-scale commercial buildings.

For businesses looking for a more customized building solution, modular construction provides a great opportunity to get their desired requirements within the timeline they have set.

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