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Business Verticals

Business Verticals


Vrisa Modular Homes was established in year 2010 with an aim of bringing novelty and innovation in the traditional house construction methods. Also to provide our people a better advanced construction method for living. Our mission is grounded in the principles of quality and sustainability. We are committed to create beautiful, sustainable structures using a streamlined process. Our design heritage is grounded in the aesthetics of the masters of modern architecture, using traditional materials. Plans specify every finishing element, to ensure a fully integrated look.


Since the inception of Vrisa interiors in 2016, “Trust & Perseverance” has been our motto. To live up to this tradition, we at Vrisa Interiors, believe that key of interior design is to capture essence of the space. At all times, the exterior and interior must blend to create harmony and balance between nature and space. What sets us apart, is the quality of striking a warm equation with our clients, that strongly reflects in our dedication towards any project. Also the quality of service that we provide, ensuring utmost client satisfaction, throughout the completion of the project and even after.

Our diversified project portfolio includes –

Residential Portfolio includes- House, Farmhouse, Apartments and Studio House interior designs.

Commercial Portfolio includes- Turn Key Resorts Interior, Hotel Interior, Restaurant Interiors, Office and other Commercial Interiors.

Hydro Energy

Vrisa Hydro Energy first plant was established in the year 2010, with an aim of pioneering the concept of clean and pollution free energy to combat against climatic change. Hydro Energy is a conventional energy source that harnesses the power of water in motion, such as dams and reservoirs, to produce electricity. Our current goal is to produce 1 Cr Units per annum and we thus plan to increase this production upto 5 Cr Units per annum by the year 2025.


At Vrisa Hospitality, we pursue the motto “homegrown hospitality” to heart. Our business aims at “Customer Satisfaction” and “Luxury” that gives one the feel of welcome and relaxation. This company is based on our founder’s passion, love for nature and his profound idea “care for our people”. The first location chosen by him, was Mahabaleshwar, an hill station of Maharashtra, that is perched atop a mountain spur and surrounded by Western Ghat’s dense forests. This resort offers the most divine and exquisite panoramic view of Pratapgarh fort. We believe in offering our guest a feel of a dear friend and in return giving back the community that helped our family grow.