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European Pinewood Structure

German Pinewood Structure

European Pinewood Structure

Do you aspire to build a European wooden cottage for your resort and let your guests enjoy the bliss of staying in Europe? Well, then your guests don’t have to travel to Europe to do that! With Vrisa Innovation, you can build European wooden cottages for resorts and experience the magic of European-style accommodation in India.

At Vrisa Innovations, we are a dedicated team to provide our customers with classic, elegant, and sustainable structures. We use uber-class European German pine, which, while providing the home with a strong structure also adds to its aesthetic charm. Besides, with its sustainability quotient, it proves a prudent choice in the long run.

European German Pine is one of the source, that is doing good in terms of quality and finishing. One can construct residential bungalows, farmhouses, tiny cabins, resorts etc.


Immaculate finish

High durability

Negligible maintenance

Sturdy construction

Structural grade and well seasoned wood

Attractive designs

Elegant look

Eye catching designs

High strength

Frequently Asked Questions

What is German pine wood?

German Pine is a pine variant known for delivering quality and excellent finishing. It is a soft wood type the world can bank upon. You can use German pine to build cottages, residential bungalows, resorts, farmhouses, small cabins, etc.

Can you customize European wooden cottages for resorts in India?

Of course, yes! Customization to meet customer needs is one of our strengths and our purpose for being in this business. We can customize the structure to the highest extent possible to match your expectations.

Why should I choose Vrisa Innovations to build European wooden cottages for resorts in India?

We give you not one but various reasons to choose us as your partners to build European wooden cottages for resorts in India. Here are some of them.

  • Highest possible levels of customization
  • Use of high-quality material for optimal durability
  • Aesthetics, compliance, and client expectations are kept in mind while building structures
  • A team of young, energetic, and visionary professionals at your service
  • Meticulous planning and on-time completion of construction
  • Reliability, quality, and sustainability are assured!
Quality is what we pursue, We know what we do. Experience excellence

Earthquake Resistant

Unlike RCC materials, weight of wood is less. Thus reducing inertial seismic forces and it become Earthquake Resistant.


Wood being properly seasoned. Its moisture is reduced below fiber saturation point that prevents the fungi and decay.


All our wooden structures have acoustic properties as they absorb, reflect, or transmit the sound that affect them.

Easy to Assemble

Wood are easy to install on site, as they are flexible and easy machinable.


Wood by nature are good heat insulator. The fibres of wood have hollow cell which provides airspace that act as insulating unit.


Wood has rich and aesthetic natural look. The range of timber hues and depth of grain delights the eye

European Pine Wood Houses

European Pine Wood Cottage

The beauty you need to see.. Explore our completed projects.

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