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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is modular/prefabricated structure ?

Structures primarily manufactured in advance off site and assembled on site.

What are the materials used for modular/prefabricated structures?

Our structures are made of MS frame, smart board, rockwool insulation and puff panels.

What is the durability of a modular/prefabricated structure ?

Modular/prefabricated structures are 30-40% more durable than RCC.

How long does it take to construct a modular/prefab house?

It takes 75-100 working days to construct a modular/prefab house.

Which type of flooring and fittings are used in modular/prefab structures ?`

For flooring vitrified tiles are provided. ISI standard fittings are used for all sanitary and electrical fittings.

How many storey’s can modular/prefabricated house can go up to?

Normally modular/prefabricated house can be constructed upto G+1 – G+2 .

Are your constructions “turn-key” projects?

Yes ,all of our modular/prefabricated are turn-key based.

If I am considering modular construction, how can I get the quote?

Vrisa innovation would be happy to provide additional information and pricing, required for your project .Kindly connect with us to proceed.