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Innovative Structure

Innovative Structure

Innovative Structure

Vrisa innovation embraces the high-end modern technology and blends it with classic simplicity and enduring beauty. Cost- effective, Quick to construct, Minimal maintenance and by offering better return of investment. For end to end satisfaction of our clients we provide special innovative structures.


Innovative, integral, reliable

A qualified and extremely competent team of professionals

Strong network ensuring quality work at the best rates

Concern for the environment, ensuring sustainable work

Variety of homes- prefab cottages, wooden homes

LEED Certified, ISO Certified material used

Quality is what we pursue, We know what we do. Experience excellence

Best alternative

Material used for construction of modular/prefab homes are time efficient alternative in comparison to conventional building masonary construction.


Portable construction takes significantly less time to build than on-site construction.


The advantage of building modular/prefab structure are bespoke, which means that, each building is tailored to as per client's need.


Modular construction can be easily be relocated to different sites .This significantly reduces recurring demand for raw materials, minimum expanded energy and reduces overall time


Low thermal conductivity helps in higher energy savings and maintains desired temperature. Modular buildings use materials that can be recycled.


Main framing of the structure is so strong that it can withstand coastal, tropical and any other climatic conditions.

Tiny Cabins

Specially designed for compact space. These tiny homes or mobile houses can be used for resorts, cottages, camping sites etc. These are customizable as per client’s need.

Tree House

In tree house designs ,we try to seamlessly frame the environment to emphasize the glamour of nature. Best wood, distinctive glass wall and openness towards surrounding, give our product a strong visual identity.

House on Wheels

This trailor house can be carried around anywhere and are so quaint and cozy that one would love to spend every minute in it. Best option for the people who loves to travel .

A Frame Struture

A-frame structures, are a gorgeous getaway apt design, for cottages, farmhouses, resorts etc.

Smart Pentagon

The smart pentagon is our most versatile and space saving design. They are suitable for farmhouse, holiday home, beach side properties, hill retreats etc.

Micro Wooden Cabin

Micro wooden cabins are mostly suitable for resorts, cottages camping site etc. Customizations in size & shapes are available in these cabins.

The beauty you need to see.. Explore our completed projects.

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