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by Ar. Sakshi Agiwal | Wooden Homes|

In today’s world Urbanization is growing which has directed to poor lifestyle in cities. As the cities are becoming denser they are missing the sense of calmness& comfort with every new building of Concrete jungle. Concrete jungle is degrading the indoor air quality which directly influences the user`s mood & behaviour sometimes creating a negative impact on user`s life.In the modern era of architectural world, RCC homes are obsolete in new and constantly changing trends. Cities have transformed into Concrete jungles, where users constantly need an escape towards peace, calm and relaxing spaces.

While living in Wooden Home one can experience that how natural materials can improve the life & health of an individual. Wood,being a traditional material that is extensively used for building structures from long time, now a days increasingly becoming the building material choice for many. These homes cater a perfect ambiance and calm sense in living.

Prefabricated farmhouse
Prefabricated houses

The biophilic benefits of wood are freshly being understood &studied. The natural characteristic of wood provides better indoor environment with good air quality with more release of oxygen with reducing carbon di oxide. Many people agree, wood is visually pleasing and researchers states that, living in Wooden House can contribute to health and well-being of building occupants. Many of the research from various countries found that, people automatically feel relaxed when they are around natural elements.

The growing need for sustainable and environmentally suitable buildings motivate us to rediscover the value of building with wood.

Now a days architectural trends have encompassed materials like glass and wood/ timber to have a feel of luxury home with high-tech smart technology. Innovative ways of engineering wood, such as GLULAM Wood, has given anuplifting wave of pioneering wooden architecture.

Wood is most versatile and cost-effective building material used in various situations with variety of applications which offers aesthetically pleasing designs by its natural textures. Wooden homes have a sense of luxury along with cozy ambiance. Being eco-friendly in nature these homes are substitute to RCC homes in a Sustainable way.

Prefabricated homes
Prefabricated house in india

Wood can be used for many reasons, including cost, ease and efficiency of construction, design versatility, and sustainability—as well as its beauty and the intrinsic appeal of nature. WOODEN HOMES have a natural color palette which is hard to achieve in RCC buildings. That’s why Wooden Homes are a perfect escape from boring concrete units, Aren’t they?

If good quality wood is used with proper treatment and technique it can reduce future maintenance and repair costs. Good quality woodalso ensures that structure will last long in any weather conditions as well as in extreme climates, including high humidity, harsh sun, and heavy rainfall.

As wood is renewable source it can be used extensively. If the structural wood is used for construction than these are strong, durable and more efficient,which are strong enough to withstand every weather conditions with a life span of 40% more than RCC. Faster and easy in construction, these homes are light in weight and much better than concrete homes. Whereas, with the use of modern treatment on wood we can enhance the nourishment of wood along with making it fire and moisture resistant too.

One can have relaxing & luxury gateway from chaotic life which can be in any forms maybe a weekend home or farmhouse, Resorts and hotels.

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