Wooden Farmhouse at Wagholi

The site is located in Wagholi, surrounded by farms, types of green vegetables sugarcane, cauliflower, etc., and a beautiful sunflower farm. A narrow road leads you to the site, which is blessed by a temple on the front side.
The site is quite large, with a lot of green space.
It’s a huge 2-bedroom house built for a nuclear family. Which contains a bar unit, a veranda, family space, a common washroom, a garden area that can act as a gathering space, wooden flooring, bathtub a beautifully designed jail wall, and a parking area for about 3 cars and 2 bikes.
The house is made of structural grade pine wood, perfect for construction. The house opens up to a nicely made landscape with multiple varieties of vegetation. The ceiling is quite high, approximately 16 feet, with a combined living and kitchen space that opens up to a veranda.
This wooden house is colored in a brown color pallet, house is painted a dark brown polish or walnut wood polish with white colored windows and window frames. The wood, being of exceptional quality, has been used for flooring, decorative jail walls, columns and all the structural elements.




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