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Modular Prefab Structure

Modular Prefab Structure | Modular Prefab Home Structure

Modular Prefab Structure

Building a farmhouse is everyone’s dream! After all, who wouldn’t want to escape the urban hustle and bustle and enjoy the cool breeze and stunning landscapes and experience tranquility? But building a farmhouse involves a significant amount of investment. Besides, it also is a time-consuming process! True. But not anymore. Vrisa Innovation, a young and dynamic organization with a flair for building innovative structures is here!

At Vrisa, we leverage contemporary alternatives like prefabricated wooden structures to build modular house resorts. These are highly effective construction solutions, which helps clients save money and time otherwise spent in building farm houses or resorts with conventional techniques.

Vrisa Prefab Home embraces the high-end modern technology and blends it with classic simplicity and enduring beauty. It is Cost- effective, Quick to construct with Minimum maintenance and offers better return of investment. It is also an ideal choice for those wanting to have a different feel, from the regular living. These structures can be one’s dream home, resort, cottage, farmhouse and  tiny cabins etc.

Vrisa prefab structures are constructed on-site. The material used for construction Our transported to the respective locations and our skilled men begin the fabrication work under the guidance of our expertise project Incharge. Vrisa is engaged in construction of wide huge of structures such as luxurious farm houses, resort & cottages.


Strong structure

Speedy construction time

Fire Resistant

Good Acoustics


  1. Prefab construction in known to be the future in construction field.
  2. Time Constrain : unlike conventional Construction, prefab construction is fast which in him benefits the client to have a hassle free living
  3. Quality Control : The materials used in these constructions are all quality products, maintaining the health of human being & very eco- friendly.
  4. Cost effective : once the design & elevation and other requisites of the clients finalized, a final quote is provided to the client. This figure remain & unchanged till the handover of the project to the Client, provided the client has made any kind of changes in his requirement.
  5. Durability and sustainability : Vrisa commits to deliver durable and eco-friendly project using natural product & energy in a way that does not harm the environment.
  6. Safe & clean environment : Vrisa team assures that the place construction is clean before they leave the premises and handover of the project.

Partner with Vrisa and fulfill your aspiration to build a farmhouse or resort. Work with our innovative team members, who will leave no stone unturned while turning your dream into a reality. While using top-class materials and choosing reliable vendors, we ensure the highest possible levels of customization to help you build your resort or farmhouse as envisioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are prefab structures?

Prefab structures are structures constructed in Ms frame and wall panels of Smart board.

What are the advantages of modular prefab Structures ?

Modular prefab structures take less time to construct as compared to RCC construction. Also the material used are eco- friendly non-hazardous to living beings. Minimal wastage & maintenance.

What are modular prefab structures used for?

Modular prefab structures can be used for a variety of applications, including residential buildings, office buildings, schools, and other types of commercial and industrial buildings. They can also be used as temporary or permanent structures, depending on the needs of the project.

Can modular prefab structures be customized?

Yes, modular prefab structures can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of a project. They can be designed to meet various size and configuration requirements, as well as to incorporate different materials and finishes.

What kind of prefab wooden modular structures has Vrisa Innovation worked on earlier?

As a seasoned and trustworthy player in the prefab wooden modular structure realm, we’ve developed farmhouses, cottages, restaurant bars, etc., across various places like Mahabaleshwar, Undri, Palghar, Panchgani, Nigdi, Tamhini, and Manor. We’ve achieved recognition and applause among our clients for the structures built.

Are there any challenges involved in prefab wooden modular structures?

These cannot be termed challenges, but some concerns include extensive and meticulous logistical planning, lack of awareness among the general public, the perception that conventional construction is better than modern techniques, etc.

But Vrisa Innovation addresses these issues and helps you make an informed decision. We provide end-to-end consulting regarding the choice and use of prefab wooden modular structures to help you reap optimal RoI.

Quality is what we pursue, We know what we do. Experience excellence

Best alternative

Material used for construction of modular/prefab homes are time efficient alternative in comparison to conventional building masonary construction.

Fast Construction

Portable construction takes significantly less time to build than on-site construction.


The advantage of building modular/prefab structure are bespoke, which means that, each building is tailored to as per client's need.

Easy to Reassemble

Modular construction can be easily be relocated to different sites .This significantly reduces recurring demand for raw materials, minimum expanded energy and reduces overall time

Energy Efficient

Low thermal conductivity helps in higher energy savings and maintains desired temperature. Modular buildings use materials that can be recycled.

Strong and Steady

Main framing of the structure is so strong that it can withstand coastal, tropical and any other climatic conditions.

Prefab Farmhouse

Prefab Cottages

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