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In prefabricated structure, materials required are transported and assembled on site, to form a complete building.

Preliminary Consultation

The initial process starts from our core sales team, by understanding client’s requirement and location. The client is then briefed with the details of the materials used and their specifications.

Design Selection

After the preliminary discussion, the sales team forwards the requirement of the client to the architect/design team. The design team then coordinates with the client to understand their design pattern. Accordingly the team starts working, on client’s unique and exclusive design .


Based of client’s design and budget, a rough estimate is provided with material specification.


A site feasibility study is conducted by our technical team, that includes site survey, soil inspection, design reviews, associated fees, modular and groundwork costs. At the end, the client is provided with the final quote for the project.


An agreement is prepared between the Company and the Client, with a fixed booking amount and with complete project specifications, duration, design and payment schedule details.


After the agreement is duly signed by both the parties, detailed 2D drawings are prepared by our Architects.3D drawings, sketches and scale models facility are also available, the charges vary as per the design.


On-site construction team is sent to the site, after the contract is signed. Notifications are provided about the construction progress, to the client every day. Payment schedule as decided in the contract, shall be followed by the Client, for the timely project completion.