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Russian Pinewood Structure

Russian Pinewood Structure

Russian Pinewood Structure

Vrisa Innovation is the leading solution for high-end luxurious Russian Pine wood construction. Russian Pinewood used with Glu-Lam construction technology, is the best wood rated in the World. It is an excellent option for those looking for exclusive home, resort, cottage and tiny cabins that suit their needs and lifestyle.


Light weight wooden structure

Well-seasoned and aged wood

Resists shrinking and swelling.

Good elasticity

Attractive grain options

Structural grade wood

Quality is what we pursue, experience excellence.


Unlike RCC materials, weight of wood is less. Thus reducing inertial seismic forces and it become Earthquake Resistant.


Wood being properly seasoned. Its moisture is reduced below fiber saturation point that prevents the fungi and decay.


All our wooden structures have acoustic properties as they absorb, reflect, or transmit the sound that affect them.


Wood are easy to install on site, as they are flexible and easy machinable.


Wood by nature are good heat insulator. The fibres of wood have hollow cell which provides airspace that act as insulating unit.


Wood has rich and aesthetic natural look. The range of timber hues and depth of grain delights the eyes.

Russian Pine Wood Farmhouse

Russian Pine Wood Cottages

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